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Rochester Community Education

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RCE is a community education center located in The Richard W. Creteau Regional Technology Center and adjacent to Spaulding High School in Rochester, NH.

We offer a variety of programs and services for adult learners in New Hampshire who want to:


  • Improve math or reading skills to prepare for a job or future learning

  • Earn a diploma or high school equivalency for a new job, a promotion, or entry into college or the military

  • Learn basic technology skills or pre-requisites for specific training programs

  • Adults who need help learning English to help them in their jobs or daily life



I stopped going to Spaulding due to not feeling motivated enough to get up for school everyday. I started VLACS, and then my dad got sick with Sepsis. He was in the hospital for a very long time and I just chose to ignore school and focus on him. Eventually, he got out and I continued to not do any school. I reached out  to Ms. Newbegin (best guidance counselor ever!) and asked her my options, she gave me this program and handed me over to John. I finally felt a lot better about myself and school, and I finished it in December. After that, I immediately got a job as a teacher at a school to help students with Autism. I reached new goals of not working in retail and now have so many options of working to get higher up in the education field for behavior analysis and therapy, that I couldn’t have had without this program.

- 2022 Graduate

Thank you so much for tonight!!!  You made me very teary!!  Your words got me.  I do wish I had come up with something to share.  Cause if it wasn’t for this program I’d still be where I was.  After completing my course I put in my resume with John Hancock and got hired.  I’m hoping to stay with them and keep learning and being trained in all they have to offer.  I hope more adults like me get inspired to reach out and complete their high school careers.  Can’t say thank you enough to the both of you.  Wonderful program you really are changing lives

- 2022 Graduate

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