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Adult Diploma Program

The Adult High School Diploma Program is available to all students at least 16 years old.   

A credit review of high school/college credits must be done before a plan for the adult diploma can be started.  If a student does not have a transcript, they must go to an adult education site that can assess their education level.

Access to courses is free to students served by SAU 54 through the age 20.  

Students in the Rochester School System must be at least 16 years old and formally agree to complete high school through the adult high school diploma program.  

Graduation requires 20 credits:

  • Social Science: 3 credits

    • US History: 1 credit

    • Economics: .5 credits

    • Civics: .5 credits

  • ​English: 4 credits

  • Mathematics: 2 credits

  • Science: 2 credits

  • Health: .5 credits (local requirement)

  • Computer Literacy: .5 credits
    (awarded at the completion of the first online course)


Credits may be requested in the following areas: (most apply to adult students - the approval authority is the Director, Rochester Community Education)

  • apprenticeship programs

  • observation/practicum experiences (max 2 credits)

  • work in home

  • making a home

  • passing a final examination (max 2 credits)

  • competency challenge

  • voluntary community service (max 2 credits)

  • work experience (max of 2 credits for 2 career areas)

  • military service


Courses through Rochester Community Education's Adult High School Diploma Program are done online. This provides flexibility for students with a busy schedule. Pretesting on courses helps customize learning to individual needs.  Student can receive access to a course(s) and start work at any point in the year.

Diplomas are awarded in August, September, and June of the program year. Diplomas are formally presented at the Adult Education Graduation Ceremony in the Spaulding High School Auditorium in June.

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Adult High School Diploma Program

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