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Keeping up with Online Courses

You're taking an online course for a purpose!  

  • Write down your reasons with specific, powerful, and visual details on why, how it fits with your bigger plans, and how you're going to feel when it's done.  

  • Post your motivations where you will see them everyday. 

  • Be intentional when you sit down to work on you class.  


Plan where you're going to do work.  

  • If you are at school, in an academically supported setting - you're set.  

  • If you are at home, find someplace where you won't be interrupted.  Go to that place every time you work on the class and never skip a study session.  

  • Going to a library or coffee shop are also options and part of the benefits of accessing course material at any time.  


Use your time wisely when you work on the course.


  • Give yourself time to do your reading and content work - lessons, tutorials, articles, and videos - take notes.  Make it a habit to read over your notes every day or two and add what's missing.  

  • Prepare to do really well on all evaluation.  The pre/mastery/unit tests force you respond with your understanding - if you have difficulty, don't ignore what needs to be learned.  

  • Working for 5 hours a week is a good rule of thumb for any course - a couple of two hour sessions and a one hour session is a good habit and should give you time to learn, review, and work on projects as you progress through the class.  

  • If you need to take frequent breaks - set alarms for 20 minutes of intense work time - take a 5 minute break and get back to work.  How long you work in one sitting is up to you.


Manage your time and limit your recreational screen time.


  • Put down your phone, don't play games, and don't watch television when you're doing your course.  

  • You have time to do a course - give it priority and treat your study time as important.


Connect with your instructor

  • Understand the technical requirements for the course and academic expectations. 

  • Don't miss deadlines.  

  • Stay engaged.  

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